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Gone With That Thing | Director

A dinner-theatre in which the play takes place during a wedding dinner thrown for 21-year-old Dave, who gets hitched to Beverly, an ex-supermodel and performer twice his age. His mother is not happy about it, and dark and dirty family secrets are exposed.

Gone With That Thing


Mee Pok Man By Fiction Farm | Script Adaptation Playwright & Set Designer

Script adaption by Goh Boon Teck. Lonely, misunderstood and ridiculed, the mee pok man runs an all-night fish-ball noodle stall in a notorious part of Singapore. His patrons are denizens of the night, a motley assortment of characters from the seamier side of life. Among them is Bunny, a disillusioned prostitute who is controlled by a villainous pimp. Unknown to Bunny, the mee pok man is obsessed with her. He sees her as a fragile angel whom he must rescue from the muck and filth she is mired in. An accident brings them together. But just as the two lonely souls begin to connect, Fate intervenes and deals them a cruel hand.

Mee Pok Man


Oleanna | Director & Set Designer

A flustered and confused carol approaches her pedantic liberal arts professor, John, for help with her failing mid-term grade. The professor, distracted by numerous phone calls and thoughts about a house he hopes to purchase, never really seems to hear or understand her problem. Before long, miscommunication leads to John finding himself faced with unexpected charges of sexual harassment stemming from their meeting.



A Tinted Edge | Director & Playwright

A satire that hits the bull's eye.

When being yourself is too difficult and staying alive becomes a skilful craft, we learn to hide behind a charade. A Tinted Edge is inspired by the true account of a relationship between an invalid mother and her son. It is a play that invites the audience to participate on a journey of self- exploration. A Tinted Edge was also featured at the Singapore Arts Festival 2000.

A Tinted Edge


Titoudao | Director & Playwright

A humorous and brilliant tale about a street wayang actress. Titoudao attempts to create a greater awareness for traditional culture and the diminishing art in our fast- moving society. Using juxtapositions of good and bad, past and present, tradition and modernisation, and a diversity of languages, it touches on the issues of changes in society and the much- debated Singapore identity.




I Have A Date With Spring | Director

Toy Factory invites you to take a nostalgic trip down the memory lane of a once-popular singer affectionately known as White Butterfly. Back at Rever Palace Night Club, the sight of familiar surroundings, furniture, even her favourite make-up kit, triggers bittersweet memories of yesteryear – memories of her three bosom pals and the love of her life that remains elusive till today. I Have A Date With Spring, an all- time romantic classic that never fails to touch.

I Have A Date With Spring


A Midsummer Night's Dream by The Theatre Practice | Director

In 1999, Goh Boon Teck was invited to direct A Midsummer Night's Dream by the late Kuo Pao Kun under The Theatre Practice. He adapted the script and set it in 1950s Singapore when gang fights and Taoism rituals were frequently exercised. Shakespearean's love and myth had a complete make-over into a tropical and emotional theatrical affair.

A Midsummer Night's Dream


Under | Director

UNDER explores the human desires and innate vulnerabilities. The R(A) play seeks to uncover the illicit sexual behaviour of a modern Chinese individual in a conservative societal and family structure. Written by Koh Teng Liang, this is the first of the many collaborations between Playwright Koh and Goh Boon Teck.


Guys & Dolls | Director & Set Designer

Time hailed it as "The greatest of all American Musicals." Set against the colour of New York City's high lights, it is an entertaining fable of love, marriage and temperance. A consummate example of the comic love story formula with melody, laugher and romance.

Guys & Dolls



Storm | Director & Set Designer

A family entangled in adversities, feudal times and convoluted relationships finds itself caught in the deeper, more unrelenting grasp of cyclical history. Storm is a re-adaptation of the intriguing classic by Cao Yu, who is considered by many as the greatest Chinese playwright in modern times.



Mama Looking For Her Cat | Director

A multi-lingual play by Kuo Pao Kun, directed by Goh Boon Teck.

An exploration of the diverse themes of roles, relationships and understandings amid changes and estrangements in generational perceptions, aspirations and beliefs.

Mama Looking For Her Cat


The Phoenix & The Turtle | Director

The Phoenix and the Turtle is an allegorical poem about the death of ideal love by William Shakespeare. It is widely considered to be one of his most obscure works and has led to many conflicting interpretations. It has also been called "the first great published metaphysical poem". Directed by Goh Boon Teck, this experimental piece was staged under Theatreworks' Flying Circus Project 1998.



Purple | Director & Playwright

An original Singaporean play in English, inspired by the life story of Maggie Lai. What is the toughest thing life could throw a man who wanted, of all things, a son? A son who couldn't be a son. From gay lover, to prostitute, to star stripper, to movie star - this play traces vivacious, charming transsexual Maggie's astonishing and tumultuous life. But most of all, this is a story about a father's tears and is an odyssey of a father-son relationship.




K | Director/Playwright

The 1970s – a kaleidoscopic period rife with temporal changes worldwide. Seven Singaporeans born in this tumultuous and delirious time transform into a myriad of insects with Keratin Kernels, abruptly altering all their relationships with Kith and Kin. In a rekindling of Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis", and inspired by biographies of Kafka and stories of acquaintances, K, a play which explores deeply into the latent psyches of the seven kindred spirits born in the seventies.




I Have A Date With Spring | Director

An award-winning piece written by Hong Kong Playwright Raymond To and directed by Goh Boon Teck, "Spring" does not pretend to have a profound message, or preach outdated theories. And it is not pretentious in the least. It is fresh, natural, intimate and full of life.

I Have A Date With Spring



Titoudao | Director / Playwright

A humorous and brilliant tale about a street wayang actress.Titoudao attempts to create a greater awareness for traditional culture and the diminishing art in our fast-moving society. Using an array of juxtapositions of good and bad, past and present, tradition and modernization, and a diversity of languages, it touches on the issues of changes in society and the much-debated Singapore identity.

Shopping & F***ing



Osean | Director

The first local dance-drama set in both water and on land.

A night entwined in romance, conflict, bloodshed and tragedy of the mysterious deep blue oceans. An original story about the Gods of North, South, East and West in heated wars while a new living thing is secretly multiplying in the deep sea. Surreal, enigmatic and poetic, this is a brave site-specific creation staged at Singapore's Pan Pacific Hotel swimming pool.



Posteterne | Playwright, Director & Set Designer

Posteterne is a grand scale Mandarin production inspired by the well-known Chinese folk tale The Butterfly Lovers. The classic is given a modern twist and audiences get to see the after lives of the popular characters. A team of 100 are involved and it is staged at Kallang Theatre.




Redear | Director

Redear is Goh Boon Teck's full length directorial debut. The play, which had no dialogue, was a fusion of theatre and dance drama, based on the story of Madame Butterfly.

Re dear



The Bull Over The Rainbow | Director

The Bull Over The Rainbow is Goh Boon Teck's first production after Toy Factor Theatre Ensemble was formed in 1990. The 20-minute play is about a multi-coloured bull who wanted to cross the rainbow.

The Bull Over The Rainbow

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