Director & Playwright

Drama Centre Black Box

GRIND delves into the themes of lust, love and family. The cutting-edge play exposes the vulnerabilities and bare-perspectives of the gay men’s psyche through an immersive, intimate and provocative setting that defies the typical theatrical presentation.




Victoria Theatre

Kumarajiva is a faithful retelling of the life of an illustrious Buddhist monk and scholar who was instrumental in the propagation of Buddhism in China through his unsurpassed concise translations of teachings from key Sanskrit scriptures to the Chinese language. More importantly, this play hopes to share the themes of perseverance, endurance and filial piety the audience.


Innamorati Two


Drama Centre Theatre

Returning from its roaring success of Innamorati, Innamorati Two is a heartfelt exploration of the beauty and strength within imperfections. Seven imparities, seven hearts and seven treasures find themselves in search for something more valuable within a barter shop… Could the answer to happiness be a mere transaction?

In this production, Boon Teck had the actors each compose their own songs and worked with the music director over a longer creative process to present this musical on stage.