The Severing Sword 


Victoria Theatre

Nam Hwa Opera presents the world premiere of The Severing Sword, a brand-new Teochew Opera adapted from a beloved wuxia novel by Liang Yu Sheng. This dramatic script is riddled with forbidden love, crippling betrayals and heart wrenching tragedy. Alongside the evocative score by celebrated Teochew Opera composer Wang Qing Su, The Severing Sword marks a new frontier in Singapore Teochew Opera with its bold innovations with the traditional artform.


A Dream Under The Southern Bough: Reverie


Drama Centre Theatre

The dream world is a motif often explored in the greatest works of Ming playwright Tang Xianzu, including A Dream Under the Southern Bough. Helmed by award-winning director Goh Boon Teck, Reverie leads audiences into a fantastical dreamland that traverses the lines between dream and reality.


Infinite Island


SCO Concert Hall

Infinite Island is a tale of an island with infinite dreams, struggles, hopes and possibilities in the future. Within a span of two centuries, Singapore has transformed from a fishing village to a global city. This production brings audience on a journey through different perspectives, brought alive by stories and melodious sounds from SCO.